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Ring Sizer Tool

Ring Sizer Tool

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Price includes FREE Standard Post in Australia on this ring sizer. 

Simplify the process of finding your perfect ring size with our convenient Ring Size Tool. 

Accurately measure your ring finger with ease using this handy tool, ensuring a comfortable fit every time.

This Ring Sizing tool allows you to conveniently measure your finger at various times of the day, please consider factors like temperature and activities that can affect finger size. 

Here's how it works: Loop the strap through the opposite end to create a loop, then slide your ring finger inside. Position the tool between your first and second knuckle, where your ring typically rests. Test the size by sliding the tool on and off your finger and over the knuckle several times.

Ensure the tool fits snugly by giving your hand a gentle shake to prevent it from slipping. Your finger should provide some resistance to keep the ring from falling off. 

Once satisfied with the tool's position, take note of the indicated number in the window - this is your ring size. If the window shows a line halfway between two numbers, you're a half size between. For further assistance, refer to our ring size guide for additional information. 

Please refer to the this Printable Ring Sizer download for a size conversion chart.

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