About Kimba



"Throughout millennia, humans have adorned themselves with gold and gems, turning these precious materials into symbols of personal significance. Jewellery is an intimate extension of our personalities, carrying with it a profound emotional weight that transcends time and space. Serving as a bridge between our past, present, and future, connecting us with meaningful memories and our chosen destinies. No other object possesses the unique ability to evoke such strong feelings and hold such profound symbolism as jewellery." - Kimba Pham

Kimba Pham is a jewellery designer who founded her brand in 2013 after completing studies in Engineering Jewellery at Melbourne Polytechnic. Her first series of work was launched at egetal gallery in Melbourne, and she went on to create a coveted line of jewellery known as Geometric Alchemy, both of which were inspired by her explorations of the mystical realm and metaphysics. Kimba's designs are both contemporary and meaningful, appealing to  discerning individuals who appreciate her individual style, commitment to quality and sustainability practices.

Blending contemporary technologies with traditional techniques and hand skills, Kimba's design process results in unique and innovative creations. Her love of minimalism and elegant geometry, combined with her innate connection to nature, has greatly influenced her aesthetic. Edgy, modern & geometric, often combined with organic & textural finishes. With an understanding of the deep significance of jewellery in our lives, she believes that it plays a valuable role in our personal and emotional expression and has the ability to transform us. 

Kimba's studio is located on Woiworung country, which is traditionally owned by the Wurundjeri-willam clan of the Woi wurrung speaking people. We acknowledge their ongoing connection to the land, waters, and culture, and pay our respects to their past, present, and emerging Elders.