Care Instructions

Please take jewellery pieces off when sleeping, exercising, doing housework/gardening and ideally when you are washing hands, showering & bathing.

Remove your jewellery when applying, perfumes, lotions and potions. Otherwise a build up can form.

Avoid prolonged exposure to water and chemicals. Do not wear items in swimming pools. Exposure to chlorine can damage the items.

If your jewellery is exposed to chemicals, please wash off immediately and dry with a clean cloth.

Do not store your jewellery next to costume jewellery or watches with leather straps.

Store your pieces separately so they do not tangle, rub up against one another and scratch.

Fine Jewellery Pieces that are made of gold or platinum and precious gemstones may be buffed with a polishing cloth. To clean the gemstones, soak the piece in warm water with a small amount of a gentle dish washing detergent, then use a soft toothbrush to scrub the top and underneath the gem settings. Rinse well and the jewellery piece will sparkle again. Alternatively, you may periodically book an appointment with me to come in for a jewellery health check and clean.

Jewellery pieces will occasionally need to be checked in case the settings have been damaged from wear or pieces that have been accidentally knocked on a hard surface. 

Sterling Silver To keep silver pieces looking their best. Do not to expose to water. Polish silver with a silver polishing cloth when tarnished.

Gold Gold generally does not tarnish like sterling silver although it does need to be cleaned from time to time to keep it looking its best. Clean gold pieces gently with a gold polishing cloth.

Gold Vermeil Very gently clean the items with a polishing cloth. Gold Vermeil plating will wear over time but if you take care of it, you will enjoy many years of use. Items can be re-plated at a cost.