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Fire Opal & Gold Organic Pendant

Fire Opal & Gold Organic Pendant

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Fiery Kaleidoscope: Australian Fire Opal Pendant

Ignite your jewellery collection with this mesmerising one-of-a-kind pendant showcasing a dazzling Australian fire opal secured in an organic 9 ct yellow gold setting. Sourced from the illustrious Lightning Ridge Australian opal mines, this vibrant gemstone exhibits a hypnotic rainbow of fiery colours rarely seen outside the natural world. .

The opal is complemented by an artfully sculpted 9 ct yellow gold setting in an asymmetric, free-flowing design. Crafted by hand, this organic setting embraces the unique contours of the gemstone, creating a unified aesthetic that highlights nature's brilliance. Whether adding a burst of radiant energy to an ensemble or making a bold statement solo, this Australian fire opal pendant is certain to become a cherished signature piece.

Embodying the majesty of nature's paintbrush, this handcrafted treasure allows you to adorn yourself with the kaleidoscopic beauty of Australian national gemstones. Each glance provides a new dazzling display as the mesmerising fire opal catches the light. Breathtakingly vibrant and uniquely elegant, it's a wearable luxury born from the heart of the Australian Outback.


Price is for the pendant only. Chain can be purchased separately, please see this link for Australian Made gold chain options. Chain featured in the main image of this product is a Curb Chain.

Materials: 9 ct yellow gold, Lightning Ridge Fire Opal 14.7 x 7 mm

Specifications of the setting (not including bail or jump rings) : 17.27 mm x 11.22 x 2.43 mm


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