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Green Moss Agate & Gold Pendant

Green Moss Agate & Gold Pendant

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Nature's Intricate Artistry: Moss Agate Pendant

This exquisite one-of-a-kind pendant showcases the mesmerising beauty of nature's handiwork in a stunning moss agate gemstone. With a elongated hexagon cut, the elegant geometric shape allows the agate's delicate green mossy patterns and filaments to take centre stage. Claw set in radiant 9 ct yellow gold, the rich buttery tones provide the perfect frame for this verdant treasure.

Formed from weathered volcanic rocks over millennia, the distinctive green hues and intricate mossy patterns arise from trace mineral impurities like chromium and iron that become trapped within the gemstone as it forms deep underground. Each moss agate is utterly unique, with its own mossy landscapes, fissures and colour variations creating a living, canvas-like display. This pendant lets you adorn yourself with nature's evolving geological artistry.

Ethically sourced and meticulously handcrafted, this elongated hexagon moss agate pendant effortlessly elevates any look with its earthy aesthetic and vivid green tones. It's a wearable piece of art that transitions seamlessly from casual to sophisticated occasions. Whether making a statement on its own or complementing other nature-inspired pieces, it's certain to become a treasured signature jewel.


Price is for the pendant only. Chain can be purchased separately, please see this link for Australian Made gold chain options. Chain featured in the main image of this product is the 1.3 mm cable chain.

Materials: 9ct yellow gold, Elongated Hexagon Moss Agate 2.375 ct 11.12 x 7.29 mm

Specifications of the setting (not including bail or jump rings) : 8.13 x 12.30 x 5 mm


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