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Emerald & White Gold Organic Pendant

Emerald & White Gold Organic Pendant

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Rare Natural Emerald Beauty

This one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewel showcases the exceptional beauty of a rare naturally pale green Colombian emerald in an organic horizontal bezel setting of 9 ct white gold. This gemstone exhibits a distinctive soft green hue that instantly captivates. Rather than being heavily treated, this emerald's natural inclusions and patterns are proudly on display, adding to its unique character and magnetism.

The organic bezel embraces the emerald's raw, natural form with an asymmetric shape that highlights the gemstone's one-of-a-kind organic patterns and gentle curves. Secured in bright 9 ct white gold, the precious metal allows the delicate pale green emerald to be the focal point while complementing its verdant tones.  It celebrates the inherent beauty and distinctive allure of emeralds in their most natural, untreated state - flaws and all. For the discerning collector, it's an extraordinary jewel that allows the majesty of nature to be worn proudly.


Price is for the pendant and 9 ct white gold curb chain which is attached. Necklace length is approx. 42 cm

Materials: 9 ct white gold, Natural Untreated Colombian Emerald

Specifications of the setting (not including bail or jump rings) : 19.10 x 14.30 x 4.22 mm

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