Discover 10 Ways to Find Their Ring Size Without Spoiling the Surprise!

Discover 10 Ways to Find Their Ring Size Without Spoiling the Surprise!

So you’ve found the one and you’re ready to commit to your future together, and you’re planning the perfect proposal. There is one detail looming over your excitement and that is figuring out your partner’s ring size. How do you uncover this piece of information without tipping them off to your grand plans?

Fear not! We have a few tips for you on how to make sure you perfect the timing and execute your plan with precision. From subtle inquiries to clever observation techniques, we'll show you how to uncover your partner’s ring size without tipping them off to your grand scheme. Let's make this the  best proposal, one they'll never forget!

The Ruler Method

One of the oldest tricks in the book for finding the perfect ring is this ruler method is a quick and simple measurement. Borrow one of their rings to measure the inner diameter of the ring at its widest point. It's a straightforward approach that you need to provide a reliable estimate of their ring size

Trace and Track Your Partner's Ring

Capture the ring's round outline on a piece of paper or press it gently into a bar of soap for a clear imprint. Measure the inner diameter in millimetres for ensuring accurate ring size measurement.

Sneaky Sizing

Try the ring on one of your fingers as a potential size guide solution. It may not fit, but take a note of where it sits. A jeweller will be able to measure your finger at this point to get an approximate ring size.

Borrow their ring

If you're feeling particularly bold (or maybe just a tad reckless), consider borrowing their ring for a brief stint. Sneak it away for a visit to a local jeweller, where they can discreetly size it for you. Consider that the dominant hand may be larger size. For example, if your partner is right-handed, their left ring finger may be smaller. Measure the correct finger and wear the ring on her left hand, second finger next to the little finger. Just be sure to return it before they notice its absence – after all, we're in the business of surprises, not heart-stopping close calls! Searching for 'engagement ring near me' might help you find the nearest jeweller for this task.

Investigate their Jewellery Collection

To uncover their existing ring size, start by observing their jewellery habits. Take note of the pieces your partner wears frequently and their preferred styles. Look for rings that they wear on the same finger you plan to propose on, as they'll likely be the closest to determine ring  size. Also pay attention to any patterns or trends in their jewellery choices, such as whether they prefer dainty, minimalist designs or bold, statement pieces.

Ask for Help from Your Partners Friends or Family

Your partner's inner circle is helpful to a valuable resource to know their ring size. Reaching out to their friends or family members for the ultimate secret assistance to know your partner preferences. Explain to them that you need help keeping the proposal a surprise. Someone close might already know your partner’s ring size. A friend could offer their ring for your partner to try on to suss out their size . Or suggest they take your partner shopping and pretend they’re looking for a perfect ring for themselves!

Show a picture of your partner's hand to an experienced jeweller.

When in doubt about your partner's choose the right ring size, have a photo of their hand with the ring finger in view in context ie. holding an iphone. Show the image to a jeweller for some advice. With their expertise they can often estimate the size based on a photo. Just bring the picture to them and they'll be able to offer insights and recommendations tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Sneak into Casual Conversation

When discussing a ring size, a gentle approach is the key to avoiding suspicion. A good idea is to look for natural opportunities to bring up the topic in casual conversation without giving any clue. For example, try mentioning your friend’s recent engagement and asking about their ring size, framing it as idle curiosity. Alternatively, admiring rings together you could comment on different styles while browsing some jewellery catalogues with or custom made jewellery guides.

Pretend You're Choosing the Perfect Gift for Mum

Waiting for a special occasion, like your sister or mom’s birthday, and pretending you’re shopping for a ring as a present is an easy way to figure out ring size. This clever ruse allows you to involve your partner without raising any suspicion. Casually suggest browsing for a ring together, making it seem like a fun outing to pick out a gift. While you're at the jeweller's store, subtly suggest getting your sister or mom's ring size measured as part of the gift preparation. Your partner will be none the wiser as you gather the crucial information needed for your proposal surprise.

Measure Your Partner's Hand While They’re Asleep

If you're wondering how to check ring size at home using this method, stealth is key. If you choose to take matters into your own hands (and successfully execute it), your jeweller will have a fairly accurate indication of their ring size. However, keep in mind that the classic 'tie a string around their finger while they sleep' trick only works on the deepest of sleepers. Alternatively, you can use a measuring tape, a piece of string or card paper or my printable ring sizer to carefully measure their finger while they sleep.  Just remember, try not to breathe heavily or linger too long!

Final Thought

Discovering your partner’s ring size discreetly demands resourcefulness and precision. Use subtle hints, involve trusted family and friends, or measuring methods. Securing the perfect fit for her engagement ring finger elevates the wedding proposal's success.

With these techniques, you'll be closer to discovering their ring size while keeping your proposal plans secret. Channel your inner spy and begin your covert operations! And if the covert method doesn't suit your style, rest assured that in today's modern age, many couples prefer to select or design an engagement ring together! It's all about finding the right time to execute your plan smoothly.

Not sure how to measure ring size? To help you further with sizing with some of the methods listed above, you can download my free printable ring size tool here, to help measure finger size or inner diameter of a ring.  No access to a printer?  You can buy a ring sizer tool here. Please also note that even if you haven’t got the actual ring finger measurement, an experienced jeweller can help work out the correct size. And rest at ease knowing that a ring can be resized. 

Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions! Kimba

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