New Arrivals: Athena and Sekhmet Collections

New Arrivals: Athena and Sekhmet Collections

My latest collections are named after two warrior godesses, Athena and Sekhmet. Based on the archetypal warrior woman, a strong and feminine essence that I have felt greatly connected to at various times of life.

In recent times, 2018 was a year that gave me an opportunity to step into and embrace the courage to face challenges alone. The greatest most important work we can do to create change is firstly to do the inner work as an individual.

With my new collection, I hope for women who wear my jewellery pieces to be able to sense the essence and virtues of the warrior goddess and to feel even more empowered..

What we need is right there…

The warrior woman is one of the main archetypes that every woman embodies either conciously or sub-conciously.

She is fierce, fearless and confident.

When you need, take the time to tune into her qualities of strength, focus, ambition, assertiveness and self sufficiency.

She comes from a place where she lives and acts from her heart, showing up for herself and for others and all that she is committed to.

She’s a doer with great ability to make decisions, set goals and keep her eye on the target.

Not a people pleaser and never playing the victim.

She takes a look at life’s challenges and kicks ass!

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