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Sat-kona Studs

Sat-kona Studs

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Designed & Made in Melbourne, Australia.

These studs are made of solid Sterling Silver with an oxidised finish. 

Gold plated version is not oxidised.

Measurements: Face is 9mm x 8mm

For more info, please see links at bottom of page.

If not in stock, please allow 1-2 weeks to be shipped to you. If you have an urgent order, please contact me. 

The Sat-kona is a hexagram or six pointed star which consists of two interwoven equilateral triangles. It is a commonly used as a talisman across many religions and in diverse forms of occult magic. More recently it had become known as the Star of David but it's origins can be traced to ancient times. It is documented and found in the sastra, in Vedic literature.⁠

The Sat-kona is commonly seen in both the ancient and modern world — from the temples of India, to the Ring of Solomon, from the Carthaginians, to the Greeks, Romans, Christians [Catholic, Orthodox and Coptic], Muslims and Medieval Alchemists.⁠

Across the cultures it represents the union of the polar forces, the triangle with the apex upwards being assigned to the male pole and the one with the apex downwards to the female pole. Thus this magical symbol represents the union of above and below, spirit and matter, the visible and the invisible world.⁠

The hexagram is an important symbol in alchemy. The triangle with the tip up represents fire and that with the tip down represents water. Likewise, the points and the centre of the hexagram are assigned to the 7 alchemical metals, namely lead, tin, copper, silver, mercury, iron and gold.⁠

In astrology, the prongs and centre of the hexagram symbolise the seven ancient planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Sun.



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