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About Kimba Pham

“With impeccable craftsmanship and the mind of a mystic, she weaves the perfection, elegance & harmony that is present throughout the tapestry of life into her works. Embracing modern technologies and traditional methods she creates with the elements of fire, air, water and earth to birth contemporary and meaningful adornments for the discerning individual.”

Kimba founded her professional jewellery practice since 2014 when she launched her debut series of work called Amplify at egetal gallery in Melbourne. The Amplify series was a result of her exploration of ancient egyptian structures and knowledge.

In 2015 she received the Contemporary Australian Silver and Metalwork Award for ‘Excellence in Jewellery Design and Craftsmanship’- awarded by the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia.

Since then she launched a jewellery brand Geometric Alchemy in 2016. Conceived by combining an ongoing fascination of sacred geometry and with a belief that geometric symbols & forms have a special purpose that can impart specific energies to help people in their daily lives. Sold online, at design markets, in galleries and stores. Her designs are distinctive and well received; gaining many wearers in Australia and internationally.

She feels humbled to have worked with many clients at special times in their lives to create sentimental pieces for themselves or loved ones. From the unique birthday gift to celebrate  a moment in time, a custom wedding ring to symbolise eternal love or the memorial piece to remember a loved one and keep them close to your heart.

Every piece is ethically made in Kimba's Melbourne studio with the greatest care taken.Working with gold, silver, base metals and gemstones, she is anti mass consumerism. She creates pieces that will be loved and cherished,  that tell a story and express the unique magnificent human that you are.


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